インディーコレクションJAPANにご応募いただきありがとうございます!/ Thank you for applying to Indie Collection JAPAN!


Please note this is a live stream event, so presenters have to be available at the time of the stream, which starts at 20:00 Japan time.

(Please notify us if you need to do your presentation at the beginning or the end of the stream because of time issues)

(100~250文字程度 / Around 100 words)

(Google DriveやPower Pointのスライド、画像、ゲームのトレーラーや動画。プレゼン中のゲーム実況はお勧めできません / Google Drive or Power Point slides, images, game trailer or videos. We don't recommend playing while presenting)

Youtube, Store page (Steam, Nintendo Switch, etc...), press-kit, ...

ありがとうございます!/ Thank you!


If you have any questions please reach us at info@asobu.dev, Discord or Twitter.